To positively effect upon America's healthcare system reasonable, transparent, and integral influence through the use of advocacy and professional services to empower providers and protect patients' right to affordable, quality healthcare.


Through collective engagement price transparency, fairness, and integrity will be fundamental expectations of healthcare.

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What originated as an idea to offer flexible professional services to health systems across the country has become a reality.  Founded in South Dakota and headquartered in Virginia, Integral Health, Ltd. is a professional services and management consulting company looking to help affect real change upon the healthcare system one day at a time.  As the economy continues to grow, telecommuting and remote work is slowly becoming the professional norm and also further becoming more accepted in the diagnostics and treatment in healthcare through telemedicine.  One major tenant of Integral Health, Ltd. is fulfilling the needs of its clients and partners through business development in a mutual partnership both in person and remotely.  Instead of gambling through staffing agencies, Integral Health, Ltd.'s strategy is to emerge through word of mouth and social media networking as a premiere source for short-term to long-term contracting in the needs of healthcare advocacy through research, reporting, and presenting of focused issues through the creation of white papers, reports, and presentations; professional business services such as business/data analysis, presentation creation, environmental forecasting, financial analysis, one-on-one coaching, publishing educational material, and delivery of presentations; and practice management consulting through developing, managing, and sustaining physician and medical group private practice.


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