Healthcare Advocacy

Integral Health offers non-partisan professional healthcare consulting services.  The industry and economics involving healthcare delivery and the subsequent business realities affecting access and quality requires a holistic comprehension.  In step with the latest trends, we aspire to offer the best in class advising to help ameliorate some of the most pressing issues facing America's healthcare system ranging from medical education to IT implementation.

Business Services

Integral Health is a professional business services contracting company capable of quickly fixing complicated problems in an efficient and effective manner.  We accept Federal, State, or Local clients under the scope of Prime/Subcontracting opportunities.  Integral Health, Ltd. is found within the Systems for Awards Management.  Duns & Bradstreet No. 116990767.  CAGE Code: 89BA3.

COVID-19 Response

Health systems are the frontline defense against the pandemic.  As a global society, we do not know the implications of this war against the virus.  There are questions we will have to ask that we never could have imagined and if there is a way that Integral Health can join in the fight to save lives, we are committed to just that.  Lessons learned from this experience will be forever implemented within the administration of our health services.  With sincere regard to those affected, our hearts are with you.  Integral Health will be available to collaborate any response necessary to save lives and work with our partners to fight this crisis.

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Telehealth is growing at a frenetic rate alongside the advancements and FDA approval of Remote Medical Devices.  Technology is already bridging the gap between provider shortages and access in rural America.  Integral Health, Ltd. is aspiring to be the leading subject matter expert in telehealth technology trends.  Partnering with NorthCo Tech, Integral Health will consult for installation and implementation of Category 6 data line infrastructure required for remote care.

Organizational Development

Engagement is a vital byproduct of empowerment.  Empowered employees produce a synergy that directly impacts customer service.  The ROI for investing in human capital development is exponential.  Today, corporate healthcare systems are experiencing a staffing shortage and the subsequent challenges making an investment in human capital not only a modern cost of providing exceptional care, but an intelligent value proposition.

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